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Synthesis of µg quantities

µ-PrepCell2.0™ - for continuous flow chemistry

The µ-PrepCell2.0 can be used successfully in flow chemistry for the synthesis of small quantities of metabolites and other REDOX species (e.g., intermediates, degradants, etc.). Typical quantities are in the µg range/minute. Collecting the products over 2 to 3 hours, result in sufficient amounts for identification by modern NMR. This generic synthesis approach is very cost-effective because it can be done directly with the analytical ROXY EC system equipped with µ-PrepCell2.0

Overlay of 8 mass spectra acquired over 3.5 hrs, illustrating the excellent stability of synthesis of the 3 Verapamil metabolites: m/z 196, m/z 291 and m/z 441.

More Information

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Application Notes

  • 210_011_01 - EC Synthesis in flow & batch reactors

Product Flyers

00216-013-7021 - Generation of statin drug metabolites through electrochemical and enzymatic oxidations
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