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Electrochemical Synthesis of Metabolites / Degradants

In most areas of drug discovery & development and for degradation studies of pharmaceuticals/xenobiotics in environment, there is a severe need for reference materials.

Scale-up to mg quantities is required for structural identification of these REDOX products by MS and NMR, and for subsequent toxicology studies. Conventional strategies to obtain pure reference materials are time consuming, cumbersome, expensive and often unsuccessful.
Electrochemical synthesis is a purely instrumental technique capable of rapid synthesis in less than 1 hour.

Antec Scientific offers two types of electrochemical reactors for synthesis that are controlled out of the ROXY EC System.

Analytical quantities (µg quantities)

µ-PrepCell2.0 – a flow through reactor, ideally suited for flow chemistry experiments.
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Scale-up (mg quantities)

SynthesisCell - a batch reactor with a volume of 80 mL.
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