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Electrochemical synthesis

Recently, the use of electrochemical synthesis has gained a lot of attention.
In most areas of drug discovery & development, drug metabolism, and for degradation studies in pharmaceuticals and in environment, there is a severe need for reference materials.
For comprehensive structural identification of these REDOX products by MS and NMR, or for subsequent toxicology studies, mg quantities are required.
Conventional methods for synthesis include classical organic synthesis (wet chemistry), microsomal incubation or porphyrin-catalyzed chemical oxidation. However, these methods are usually time consuming, cumbersome and not always successful.
Electrochemical synthesis is a purely instrumental method often capable to synthesize such products in a very short period of time, i.e., less than 1 hour.

Antec Scientific offers two types of electrochemical cells for synthesis.

SynthesisCell -  a typical bulk cell with a volume of ca. 80 mL. To read more, click here.   
µ-PrepCell2.0 – a flow through cell ideally suited for flow chemistry experiments. To read more, click here.