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Doctoral dissertations

Doctoral dissertations

H.J. Brouwer

Semiconducting polymers for light-emitting diodes and lasers: a structural, photophysical and electrical study of PPV-type alternating copolymers and oligomers (H.J. Brouwer – February 25, 1998).

The primary interest of this study has been the solid-state photophysical characterization of a series of novel copolymers and oligomers, and their application as emissive medium in light-emitting diodes and photo pumped lasers.

L.M. van Heerwaarden

From leaf to litter, nutrient resorption in a changing environment (L.M. van Heerwaarden – June 29, 2004).

The aim of this thesis was to study the response and variation in leaf nutrient resorption during senescence to the external (abiotic) factors N availability and CO2, and intrinsic (biotic) factors that are related to species-specificity and growth form.


N.J. Reinhoud

Bioanalytical capillary electrophoresis (N.J. Reinhoud – September 7, 1995).

Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is characterized by highly efficient separations in presence of a high electric field. The poor detection sensitivity is the limiting factor in the applicability of CE in analytical methods. In this thesis, several approaches are described of improving the loadability and the determination limits in CE.