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Dialogue for Windows is a multi-functional program to control the DECADE Elite, DECADE II electrochemical detector and the ROXY potentiostat. It runs simultaneously with Windows-compatible integration software or any other Windows program. There are no tools for further data analysis, therefore Dialogue software can not be considered as a fully featured chromatography software package. The software comes as one software package containing functionality for all different versions. Depending on the license dongle extra functionality will be unlocked.



Scanning voltammetry
In the scan mode the values can be plotted against potential (voltammogram) or time (chromatogram).



PQ noise measurement

 Dialogue can be used for a Performance Qualification using a dummy cell test. The results is a single page PQ report in Excel. Below a typical stabilization pattern. Using the noise monitor enables an automatic restart after 1 min in case the noise is out of spec for convenient unattended operation.


noise measurement


Timed events

 In Dialogue the operational parameters of the ROXY potentiostat and syringe pump can be controlled through the events table.

Dialogue events table


Integrated scripting tool for Calibration

An Calibration script is a series of commands to set parameters and read data from the detector. A script is executed by the script manager in Dialogue software and results are printed through Excel in a calibration report. For successful qualification a calibration kit is available containing cables and tools for testing.


Microsoft .NET framework

Dialogue requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to be installed. computers connected to internet will automatically install this. Otherwise the full installer version (dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe) is found on the Microsoft website.


Software and drivers for devices are in the download section below. The purple colored HASP dongle requires a driver, the 2017 version is for Windows 7 and higher. We also have a legacy version driver for XP from 2013. The blue colored Matrix dongles do not need a driver installation.

VSCom usb to serial convertor HASP dongle
USB to serial (RS232) connector VSCom.
The purple colored HASP dongle requires a driver installation.



A number of support tools are available on this website:

Licences for Dialogue Elite

Part no Description
171.9012 Dialogue Elite OQ, PQ, PM, CAL, ROXY (professional)
171.9015 Dialogue Elite OQ, PQ, ROXY (standard)
171.9017 Dialogue Elite free

The free version is also a trial version which can be downloaded from this web page (download tab). Purchase a license dongle to unlock full functionality if needed, no additional software is required. Contact us for a quote or any other questions. See our website for more information on qualification procedures using Dialogue software.


Dialogue free standard professional
Device control + + +
Events + + +
IQ - + +
OQ - + +
PQ - + +
SST - + +
Sequence - + +
Analysis - + +
Scanning - + +
Scripts - - +
Calibration - - +