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ALEXYS Analyzers


UHPLC with electrochemical detection



The ALEXYS is a HPLC system with electrochemical detection that has been designed to meet the highest demands for detection sensitivity and performance. The ALEXYS is easily upgradeable to micro-bore and capillary LC-EC. The system uses Clarity, a fully featured data acquisition software with all the tools for automated data acquisition, calibration, processing and reporting.

An ALEXYS analyzer additionally has the appropriate kit that is optimized for a specific application. For example, guaranteed applications have been developed for the analysis of neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and metabolites in microdialysates. Typically, picomolar concentration detection limits have been obtained in only a few microliters of sample. Parallel detection schemes using multiple flow cells have been developed for time, sample and experimental cost savings! The ALEXYS has proven its performance in routine analysis in clinical, food & beverage, environmental and pharmaceutical laboratories as well. For more information download a brochure, or contact us for a quote or any other questions.


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Part no.
180.0035W ALEXYS Cool
180.0037W ALEXYS Cool, Micro
180.0039W ALEXYS Clinical Analyzer
180.0050W ALEXYS Aminoglycosides Analyzer
180.0053WM ALEXYS FDG Analyzer
180.0054W ALEXYS Carbohydrates Analyzer
180.0056W ALEXYS Gentamicin Analyzer
180.0058W ALEXYS Kanamycin/Amikacin Analyzer
180.0059W ALEXYS Spectinomycin/Lincomycin Analyzer
180.0068W ALEXYS Disulfides Analyzer
180.0069W ALEXYS Disulfides Analyzer, BDD
180.0081W ALEXYS OMD monoamines Analyzer
180.0082W ALEXYS OMD High Throughput
180.0083W ALEXYS OMD Time Resolution
180.0086W ALEXYS Macrolide Antibiotics Analyzer
180.0091W ALEXYS Neurotransmitters BP, 1 ch
180.0091WM ALEXYS Neurotransmitters BP manual injector, 1 ch
180.0092W ALEXYS Neurotransmitters BP, 2 ch
180.0094W ALEXYS Polyphenols Analyzer

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