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Company Description ASMS 2021

Antec Scientific

Keywords: Electrochemistry MS, EC MS, drug metabolism, disulfide bond reduction in proteins, mAbs, HDXMS, environmental degradation, drug stability, electrochemical synthesis, potentiostat, electrochemical cell, reactors.


Antec Scientific is a worldwide supplier of Electrochemistry (EC) instruments and accessories used upfront MS, for the on-line coupling of EC with MS. With the new ROXY Exceed, electrochemistry has become easy in use, and it is compatible with all major LC-MS systems. It can be fully controlled out of ChromeleonTM CDS (Thermo Fisher Scientific) or via Antec’s Dialogue Elite software.

New electrochemical cells and electrodes are available for efficient reduction of inter- and intrachain disulfide bonds in mAbs. Our expertise: EC-MS, drug metabolism and degradation, S-S bond reduction in proteins/peptides, mAbs, on-line EC-HDXMS, degradation and persistence of pollutants, electrochemical synthesis of metabolites, reference materials, degradants.