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Press release April 8, 2018 

Antec Scientific contributes to the development of novel antimalarial drug Cipargamin (KAE609) at Novartis

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Interview LCGC with Martin Eysberg

In October 2017, LCGC held an Q&A Interview with Martin Eysberg (Director Sales & Marketing) about: Electrochemistry for Detection and Reaction in Pharmaceutical R&D.

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Antec Scientific – new tradename of Antec

March 1, 2017 - We are excited to inform you about our official change in Trade Name. Antec Leyden BV and Antec (USA) Inc become Antec Scientific. The name change comes along with a new corporate identity (new logo, new designs, and layouts) and the launch of an updated website. We feel confident that this name change better reflects our business and what we are doing. For press release see https://lnkd.in/gpbc2dY



Superior Pharmaceutical Stability Testing

February 2, 2017 - In a recent website update Antec Scientific highlights the successful use of Electrochemistry for Pharmaceutical Stability Testing.

Features of electrochemical degradation:

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LEAP Technologies and Antec start collaboration

synthesis product

June 1, 2016 - LEAP Technologies Inc. (LEAP), Carrboro, NC, USA and Antec, Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands, announced their collaboration in the field of sample preparation for HDX/MS.

LEAP is a provider of automated Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange (HDX) workstations that allow for labeling, quenching and injection of protein samples under cold conditions. Antec is a provider of the ROXY electrochemical system, providing fast and efficient electrochemical reduction of disulfide bonds in proteins/peptides. The integration the ROXY EC system into LEAP’s PAL HDX workstation will assure a fully automated HDX/EC/MS workflow which can be used with every mass spectrometer.

The full integration enables reducing disulfide bonds in proteins/peptides in only a fraction of the time compared with the use of reducing agents (TCEP). Large and highly disulfide-stabilized proteins (e.g., cystine knots) previously difficult to reduce chemically are now accessible for HDX, resulting in an overall increased sequence coverage. Jean-Pierre Chervet (CEO Antec) comments: we are excited to collaborate with LEAP the world leader in HDX automation and to bring HDX/MS to a new level of customer satisfaction by integrating the disulfide bond reduction.

LEAP and Antec are proud to be providing an improved customer solution of HDX/EC/MS integration. At ASMS, June 5-9, 2016, both companies will present this approach. For more information feel free to visit Antec booth # 700 or LEAP Technologies booth # 623. Click to download the full press release.




Rapid, Selective and Cost-effective Synthesis

synthesis product

Boston, January 28, 2015 - In a recent publication entitled: "Rapid Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Oxidation Products Using Electrochemistry: A Systematic Study of N-Dealkylation Reactions of Fesoterodine Using a Commercially Available SynthesisCell" Susana Torres and Mark Taylor (Pfizer, Sandwich, UK) wrote:

Using the ROXY EC with the SynthesisCell for the synthesis of the two oxidation products, we are able to obtain approximately 100 mg of both oxidation products in under 24 h. Using the traditional synthetic methods (7 step synthesis for oxidation product nr. 2) takes one week to complete and result in only 10% yield. In addition this electrochemical approach is environmentally friendly as the consumption of organic reagents and solvents is signiſtantly reduced. Green Chemistry! For abstract, click here

Using ROXY EC with SynthesisCell allows for the synthesis of mg quantities of pharmaceutical degradants, metabolites, reference materials (for MS and NMR), etc. in only a few hours. It's time to rethink your synthesis method! For more info, click here




Video: Tea with Rich and Jean-Pierre

Tea with Rich and Jean-Pierre

Boston, January 15, 2015 -Tea with Rich and Jean-Pierre In this video Rich Whitworth (Editor, The Analytical Scientist) interviewed Jean-Pierre Chervet (CEO Antec) during the ISC 2014 in Salzburg about the state-of-the-art and future directions of Electrochemistry/MS. Topics that are discussed: - Where are we now since the introduction ca. 10 years ago? - Fast mimicking of (oxidative) metabolism - Selective and rapid electro synthesis of metabolites, degradants, etc - Reduction of disulfide bonds in antibody therapeutics - Outlook To watch the video, click here


Posters Presented at SFN by Customers and Antec

Boston, December 12, 2014 - In case you missed our posters presented at Neuroscience 2014 (SFN) held in Washington, DC, last month, here the download:




US Army and FDA – Prominent ALEXYS Users!

Boston, November 2, 2014 - We are proud to inform you that the US Army and the FDA have become users of our ALEXYS HPLC. They both were using other instruments in the past and were facing issues. Here a summary of their comments:

Comments USA Army (bought an ALEXYS Clinical Analyzer): Excellent Sensitivity, ease of use and very robust thin layer flow cells unlike porous flow cells which are prone to clogging.

Comments FDA (bought an ALEXYS 4 channel Neurotransmitters Analyzer): We really like the sensitivity of the system. The possibilities and ease of use of the chromatography software are important too. All methods files are available at ANTEC and save us a lot of time!