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Electrochemical reactors for MS

In this section you find a few PowerPoint presentations and an animation on Electrochemical (EC) Reactors for MS. Please contact us if you have any trouble viewing or hearing this content. If you don't see the presentation windows, you might need to install Adobe's Flash Player.


Electrochemical Reactors

EC Reactors are used for synthesizing oxidative metabolites in drug development. In proteomics EC reactors are used for reduction of disulfide bridges in proteins. These are two of many more applications of EC/MS.





Computer animation

Electrochemical conversions in drug metabolism studies

This very nice computer animation on YouTube is made by University of Twente to demonstrate an electrochemical cell-on-chip for drug screening. It shows the traditional method and the EC/MS method for drug metabolism studies. The same principle is applied in the ROXY systems.

Part 1 (0 - 1:00 min), the first part shows a traditional metabolism study. Drugs are swallowed and metabolised in the body (liver). Urine samples are collected and analyzed by mass spectrometry (MS).

Part 2 (1 - 1:47 min), the second part illustrates the in vitro method using EC/MS. Drugs are dissolved and pumped trough an electrochemical cell coupled to MS. The same metabolites are found in a much faster and cleaner way, with less biological interferences.

Download (right click, save as..) in case you can't access the YouTube movie.

See also: A microfluidic chip for electrochemical conversions in drug metabolism studies, M. Odijk, A. Baumann, W. Lohmann, F. T. G. van den Brink, W. Olthuis, U. Karst and A. van den Berg, Lab Chip, 2009, 9, 1687-1693.


Getting started

This tutorial is about getting started with EC-MS, click or download to view the Powerpoint Slideshow. In case you don't have powerpoint, you can download the free powerpoint viewer from Microsoft's website.


getting started with EC-MS