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He Eluent Tray

He Eluent Tray

  • Sparging followed by blanketing for minimal He consumption
  • Carbonate free, assuring highest reproducibility
  • Easy in use, all parts for direct installation included
  • Mobile phase preparation under optimized conditions

The ET 210 eluent tray enables to blanket the mobile phases with an inert Helium gas atmosphere. The inert atmosphere in the solvent bottle prevents diffusion of air into the mobile phase and will keep it free of CO2 and O2.

Especially in carbohydrate analysis using High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography (HPAEC) with strong alkaline eluents, dissolved CO2 can be problematic. At pH > 12, CO32- ions can be formed in the mobile phase, causing variations in retention times, decrease in column selectivity and loss in resolution. Keeping the mobile phase free of carbon dioxide is one of the key factors for reproducible carbohydrate analyses. Additionally, the bottles are kept closed airtight and pressurized with a small overpressure of He, so no gas is flowing out, thus saving expensive He, compared to continuous sparging.

Eluent Tray

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