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Aminoglycoside antibiotics

Aminoglycoside analysis

ALEXYS Aminoglycoside Analyzers




The Aminoglycoside Analyzer can be used for the analysis of all type of aminoglycosides such as: Amikacin, Framycetin, Gentamicin, Kanamycin, Lincomycin, Netilmicin, Neomycin, Spectinomycin, Streptomycin, Tobramycin, etc.

The system is dedicated to the analysis of these antibiotics in pharmaceutical formulations and bulk products. Aminoglycosides are manufactured by a fermentation process and the main constituents as well as impurities and by-products must be identified and quantified to fulfil USP and EP requirements. How to interprete the system suitability requirements has been described previously.

The system uses reversed phase chromatography with post column addition of sodium hydroxide for pulsed amperometric detection, except for the Kanamycin/Amikacin, which uses ion exchange chromatography. The supplied FlexCell with its easy exchangeable electrode guarantees for fast and user friendly operation.

Application Notes

Application Notebook

System configuration

For the analysis of aminoglycosides we selected the Flexcell electrochemical cell. This cell has an exchangeable working electrode which is particularly useful in pulsed electrochemical detection. The electrode material tends to vanish over the years, in the process of pulsed amperometric detection. Exchanging an electrode disc only takes a few minutes. The HyREF is completely maintenance free even at pH 13 which is required for pulsed amperometric detection! The ALEXYS system comprises the following parts:

  • AS 110 autosampler, cool
  • P6.1L HPLC pump (2)
  • Clarity data acquisition software
  • DECADE Elite electrochemical detector
  • Flexcell with Au WE, HyREF

Aminoglycosides 180.0050/56/59 require post-column addition of sodium hydroxide for detection. System 180.0058W is based on ion exchange chromatography at high pH (no post column addition). In addition to the firsAminoglycosidest mentioned list this system includes Helium-proof solvent bottles. 


Part no Description
180.0050W ALEXYS Aminoglycosides Analyzer
180.0056W ALEXYS Gentamicin Analyzer
180.0058W ALEXYS Kanamycin/Amikacin Analyzer
180.0059W ALEXYS Spectinomycin/Lincomycin Analyzer