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OMD Monoamines

Online Microdialysis System

ALEXYS On-line Microdialysis Analyzer




The on-line Microdialysis Monoamines Analyzer offers the unique possibility to obtain real time feedback on neurochemical changes in an online microdialysis setup. An accurate pre-injection micro flow splitter is connected to a dual loop injection valve and analyzed on two parallel LC systems. Both HPLC systems are optimized for different neurotransmitters under different LC/EC conditions resulting in the best detection limits.

The Time Resolution system (TR) has a 14 port valve and a triple channel UHPLC setup. Instead of 1 "normal" injection loop, the valve has 3 small injection loops in series to analyse 3 fractions simultaneously. The smaller these injection loops are, the better the time resolution.

The High Throughput system (HT) uses 3 six port valves and is configured to analyse 3 microdialysis stations simultaneously. With a triple channel detector, and 3 parallel HPLC channels the system is capable of monitoring 3 systems simultaneously.

Application Notes

System configuration

For the analysis of microdialysates we selected the SenCell. This cell not only has an excellent reproducibility but also the best possible detection sensitivity. A 14-port valve is used in combination with a pre-injection micro splitter, or in a parallel of serial configuration. An additional valve can be switched in line for analysis of standards for calibration purposes, if desired. Only the TR system has 3 six port valves, one for each channel.

The ALEXYS systems comprise the following parts:ALEXYS

  • P6.1L HPLC pumps (HT and TR use 1 pump with flow splitter)
  • Clarity data acquisition software
  • DECADE Elite electrochemical detector, DCC (dual channel) or TCC (triple channel)
  • SenCells with GC WE, salt bridge (HT and TR use 3 cells)
  • Valco 14 port electric valve (TR uses 3 six port valves)

No autosampler is required in an on-line setup.


Part no Description
180.0081W ALEXYS OMD Monoamines Analyzer
180.0082W ALEXYS OMD High Throughput Analyzer
180.0083W ALEXYS OMD Time Resolution Analyzer