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Driver for Chromeleon

Chromeleon CDS driverSoftware for system control and data acquisition


Chromeleon CDS is a fully featured data acquisition software. The DECADE Elite/Exceed driver adds full instrument control for Electrochemical Detection (ECD) and Reactors (ROXY) up to 2 channels in a single time base. Supported is the DC mode with constant potential measurement for most applications, and the PULSE mode for special applications such as carbohydrates and aminoglycosides. A time table is supported for time based control of several operational parameters and triggers for external devices by switching relays. Also an external electric valve can be controlled via the Elite in case of special applications such as column switching during an analysis.


The driver has been developed with Chromeleon 7.2.9 - 7.2.10 and with DECADE Elite/Exceed firmware ≥ 1.09. It is functional for CDS versions 7.2 SR5 and up. A recent version Dialogue Elite software is required to be able to update the firmware and write the (paid) license code to the Elite. With new devices this code is factory set, in case of field upgrades the code is set by a special settings file. You should have a Chromeleon license with "class 3" device support, consult your Thermo Scientific contact for details. Contact us for part number and prices.

The Antec ECD driver will be listed in the next update of Thermo's "List of Supported Instruments" which is scheduled with the next Chromeleon update (below the 7.2.10 version in 'Downloads' is not including Antec ECD yet).


Chromeleon CDS driver


  • 176_0108_06 - DECADE Elite and ROXY Exceed driver for Chromeleon CDS



Part no Description
176.0105 ECD driver for Chromeleon CDS

Content of the 'package' is a license code to activate the driver. The code will be factory set with a new delivery. In case of field installations the license code is set with a special settings file with Dialogue Elite software. Contact us for details.

Note: a Chromeleon class 3 instrument controller license is required. Check in your Admin Console if one is available. If not, consult your Thermo Scientific contact for details. In case you have already a class 1 license, only an upgrade class 1 -> 3 is needed. A Chromeleon class 3 instrument controller license is also able to control class 2 and class 1 instruments. In any case, check if a 'workstation' (using a PC) or 'enterprise' (multi PC's in a network) version is needed.




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