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Dedicated Electrochemistry system for EC/MS




The ROXY™ EC is the ideal introduction system for Electrospray Ionization (ESI)-MS for single compound conversion. For known compounds (e.g., drug candidates, pollutants, pesticides, etc) a quick profiling and/or reconfirmation of potential metabolites is often sufficient for decision making. Therefore, target compounds can be directly infused through the electrochemical ReactorCell™ into the MS, often without the need of any liquid chromatographic separation (HPLC), making EC/MS a very powerful tool for fast metabolic profiling and related applications.

The resulting time and cost savings are substantial when compared with daunting in vivo or in vitro experiments. The ROXY™ EC System is supplied with a dual syringe infusion pump and all connecting tubing and parts for immediate installation and use. A short movie is available demostrating setting up a ROXY measurement.

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  • 221_079_01 - Insights into Nucleic Acids Oxidation by EC─LC─MS
  • 221_090_01 - Degradation of Xenobiotics by OnLine EC─MS (Sulfadiazine)
  • 221_116_01 - Enhanced Pharmaceutical Stability Testing (Naltrexone, Oxycodone)
  • 221_117_01 - Mimicking Drug Metabolism (Verapamil, Amodiaquine)
  • 221_226_02 - The Application of EC─MS to Pharmaceutical Stability Testing and Degradant Synthesis (Ezlopitant)
  • 221_232_01 - Lipid Oxidation (Phospholipids ─ POPE, PLPE, PAPE)
  • 221_240_01 - Metabolism (Overview ROXY EC applications)
  • 221_241_01 - Reduction (Insuline, Avastin Fab)
  • 221_242_01 - Drug Stability Testing (Ezlopitant)
  • 221_244_01 - New EC cell for reduction of protein disulfide bonds in HDX─MS (Insuline, NGF, VEGF)
  • 221_246_01 - Environmental degradation (Triclosan)
  • 221_247_01 - EC Simulation of Phase I Metabolism of Three Novel Cardiovascular Drugs (Rivaroxaban, Aliskiren, Prasugrel)
  • 221_248_02 - EC Reduction of Disulfide Bonds in Proteins & Biopharmaceuticals (Insulin, Avastin Fab, NGF, VEGF)


Part no Description
211.0070 ROXY Exceed system with ReactorCell
211.0072 ROXY Exceed system for S-S reduction
211.0074 ROXY Exceed system with µ-PrepCell 2.0


The ROXY EC System comprises the following parts:

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