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SynthesisCellSynthesisCell™ - Bulk Cell for mg Quantities





The SynthesisCell is designed for small-scale electrosynthesis of mg quantities of compounds that are difficult to synthesize by other methods, e.g., wet chemistry. Typical compounds that can be synthesized are metabolites, intermediates and Redox products. The large surface-area of the working electrode and active stirring of the bulk solution assures for compete electrolysis of any electroactive compound and the generation of Redox products in approximately 1 hour.

Various working electrodes such as carbon (reticulated or smooth glassy carbon), Magic Diamond™ (Boron Doped Diamond) or platinum based are available for increased selectivity and maximum yield. The cell is controlled via the high current ROXY Potentiostat. The progress of the reaction and as well as the concentration of synthesis products can be monitored by taking aliquots over time and analyzing them by flow injection MS or LC/MS.


Working Electrodes

For optimal selectivity and maximum yield different working electrodes are available. Standard the SynthesisCell is supplied with a Reticulated Glassy Carbon (RGC) electrode. Optional Magic Diamond™ (Boron Doped Diamond, BDD) or Platinum (PT) electrodes are available. Others please contact Antec.

Different working electrodes: SynthesisCell working electrodes

A) Tubular shaped Reticulated Glassy Carbon (RGC)
B) Flat smooth Magic Diamond (BDD)
C) Tubular mesh Platinum (PT)




Schematics Synthesis and Reaction Monitoring


ROXY Potentiostat with SynthesisCell (A). Manual collection of 500 uL aliquot samples taken in 10 min intervals over 1 hr.

LC/MS analysis of collected aliquots for reaction monitoring and synthesis optimization (B).




High Current ROXY for SynthesisCell™

After optimization of the synthesis parameters such as the initial concentration, solvents, applied potential, synthesis time, pH and electrode material the experiment can be repeated under optimized conditions and the bulk solution can be purified by (semi)-preparative HPLC to isolate the compound(s) of interest. For optimal performance of the SynthesisCell the 20 mA high current version of ROXY Potentiostat should be used. 

Product Flyers



Part no Description
206.0037 Complete SynthesisCell, consisting of 80 mL reaction vessel with Tefloncap, WE (Tubular Reticulated Glassy Carbon), RE (HyREF) and AUX electrodes, stir bar, electrode cables, etc., all parts included for immediate use with ROXY Potentiostat.
206.0300 Water-jacketed reaction vessel
206.0306 Flat Smooth Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) working electrode
206.0322 Tubular Mesh Pt (PT) working electrode
206.0314 Ag/AgCl reference electrode
Spare Parts
206.0304 Tubular Reticulated Glassy Carbon (RGC) working electrode
206.0310 Auxiliary Pt electrode in glass tube
206.0900 Glass reaction vessel, 80 mL
206.0340 Glass coated magnet stir bar, length 8mm

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