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DECADE Lite - the entry model



The DECADE Lite is a typical low cost entry model of an electrochemical detector and has therefore fewer features than the DECADE Elite.
It can control only one flow cell (single cell control) and can be operated only in DC (direct current) mode. No pulse or scan mode are available. Furthermore, it has no keyboard and is operated by PC control. Sensitivity wise there is no difference between DECADE Lite and Elite.
It has an integrated oven with Faraday cage, is equipped with the superior ADF (advanced digital filter) and is compatible with all Antec Scientific flow cells.

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A list of literature references can be found elsewhere on our websiteExternal sources are available as well, see for example these references in Google Scholar about the DECADE detectors.


Part no Description *
175.0035L DECADE Lite, Blue
175.0035 DECADE Elite SCC, Blue
176.0035 DECADE Elite SCC, White
175.0035D DECADE Elite DCC, Blue
176.0035D DECADE Elite DCC, White

* SCC, DCC: single, dual cell control

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