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Antec Scientific - Discover the difference

For over 29 years Antec Scientific has been the world leading supplier of analytical instrumentation based on Electrochemistry (EC). Antec’s line of instruments include Electrochemical Detectors (ECD), Analyzers built on HPLC-ECD and Electrochemical Reactors for use with MS (EC/MS) and Synthesis.

Electrochemical Detectors (ECD)
The DECADE™ line of ECDs (Elite™ and Lite™) have become the benchmark in detection and can be used standalone with any 3rd party (U)HPLC system. Different flow cells are available to cover a broad range of applications from the analysis of antibiotics to sugars or pharmaceuticals.

HPLC-ECD Analysers
The ALEXYS™ Analysers based on HPLC with ECD are turnkey instruments built for highest performance and to ensure ease-in-use.
Guaranteed applications have been developed for the sensitive analysis of neurotransmitters such as noradrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and metabolites in micro dialysates. Other application areas of ALEXYS Analysers are in antibiotics, clinical/diagnostics, food/beverage, environmental, and drugs/pharmaceuticals analysis. For an overview, click here.

Electrochemical Reactors for MS and Synthesis
With the introduction of the ROXY™ EC system, Antec brings Electrochemistry (EC) to the fingertips of every mass spectrometrist. The on-line coupling of Electrochemical Reactors with MS (EC/MS) has found many application areas from proteomics, lipidomics, drug metabolism, drug stability testing, to environmental degradation. For a complete overview, click here.
Another application area of Electrochemical Reactors is in Flow Chemistry for fast synthesis of drugs, metabolites, degradants, etc., to read more, click here.

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