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Configure Clarity

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This video shows how to add devices one by one to a new configuration in Clarity. This video is recorded in demo mode. Autoconnect – automated check of connection – is therefore not active. In case an ALEXYS system is installed that in included in Antec’s System Installers, it is recommended to use that. It makes the configuration a lot easier.

More tutorial videos from Data Apex are available on YouTube.

Running a sequence with samples and standards

How to create and run a sequence of standards and samples is explained in our documentation and a tutorial on YouTube. Important configuration settings for successful running a sequence are shown below. First, the autosampler start trigger should be defined in the AS configuration (Ext. Start Dig. Input). This is the start trigger to start data acquisition as soon as the valve switches to INJECT. Fill in the AS device and set number to ‘1’. In most cases no external cable is needed, also the ‘Ready Dig. Output’ is not used by Antec.


Second thing, related to running a sample sequence, is the ‘idle time’ setting. This is the time for the software to wait after sending a method and starting with injections. In some cases, a few seconds is needed to make sure all settings are sent and applied. The idle time is therefore set at 0.2 min usually.

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