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How to connect a Shimadzu AD convertor to an ECD

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Antec ECD with Shimadzu AD convertor


Cable connection from ECD data output to ADC input.

Diagnosis and Remedy

The Antec ADC cables for Shimadzu (250.0128U and UD) are for the CBM-20A and SCL-40 that are using the ‘old’ PC-55N A/D boards. The new CBM-40 AD convertor has a different board/connector. A green screw terminal that fits with the standard signal cable from the Elite. It is the board that is being used in the ADC that defines the cable. No need for a special Antec/Shimadzu cable anymore in that case. Please make sure to use the correct pin connectors. It has 3, use the + and -, not the ground/earth. When using the + and ground, it will result in drifting/noisy baseline. Below some pictures of the 2 different connectors.

Shimadzu CBM-20A wit a PC–55N board:



Shimadzu CBM-40 AD with the green screw terminal:








An external autozero can be applied using an output connector at the AD connected to the IO cable from Antec (pin 18/25 on a DECADE Elite).

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