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Service training

Program of (hands-on) sessions for service engineers from our distributor network

Day 1 & 2

Introduction and theory

  • Principle of electrochemistry for detection/reaction
  • Company tour    
Electrochemical detector: DECADE Elite 
  • IO/OQ/PQ
  • Installation
  • Periodic Maintenance Procedure (calibration)
  • Dialoque Elite software
  • Firmware updates
  • Service and repair procedures
Flow cells
  • SenCell, FlexCell (and VT-03 cell)
  • Disassembly, assembly and installation
  • Maintanance procedures

ECD specific troubleshooting procedures

  • Dummy cell test
  • Stop-flow test


Day 2 & 3 (Optional extention of training with focus on ALEXYS)

ALEXYS systems

  • Installation
  • LC connections and passivation procedure
  • IQ/OQ/PQ
Clarity software for ALEXYS
  • Concept Clarity software
  • Basic hands-on software training

LC110S pump

  • Disassembly and assembly of pump head
  • Service of pump head (seal replacement procedure)

AS110 autosampler

  • Replacement of valve rotor seal, syringe, needle and tubing
  • Switching valve verification
  • Check/adjustment of needle depth and penetration point

OR110 degasser and pulse damper

  • Exchange degasser and degasser cartridge
  • Exchange of pulse damper


Day 2 & 3: Optional extension of training with focus on ROXY



ROXY systems

  • Installation of ROXY-EC system
  • Installation procedures
  • Demonstration



Dialogue software for ROXY

  • Concept of the software
  • Basic software training
  • Programming of event tables for ROXY method 





Reaction cells

  • µPrepCell 2.0, ReactorCell, SynthesisCell
  • Installation
  • Disassembly, maintenance and assembly
  • Maintenance of the different electrodes