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ROXY training

2-day End-user Training (with option for 3 days)

Day 1

Introduction to ROXY EC system

  • Application overview
  • Principle of operation and optimization

ReactorCell and µ-PrepCell

  • Assembling, priming and installation of the µ-PrepCell
  • Maintenance & cleaning of the electrodes


  • Assembling & installation
  • Cell cleaning & maintenance
  • Start-up procedure

Dialogue software for ROXY

  • Software concept
  • Practical workshop including events programming


Day 2

ROXY EC installation

  • Establishing communication using RS232 cable
  • Trigger cable
  • Grounding kit


Hands-on training on ROXY EC system

  • Mimicking drug metabolism application (running MS voltammogram, using scan mode, potential optimization, conditions optimization)


Day 2 cont'd

  • Reduction of disulphide bonds application (optimizing pulse settings, direct infusion, flow injection setup, LC/EC/MS concept explanation)


Day 3 (optional)

  • Hands-on training on ROXY EC system
    * Depending on customer request with specific customer sample(s) or on customer application


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