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ALEXYS training

3-day End-user Training

Day 1

Theory of HPLC and electrochemical detection

  • Principles of HPLC
  • Principle of electrochemical detection and optimization

Clarity Chromatography software for ALEXYS

  • Clarity concept
  • Method set-up, calibration and running samples
  • Data processing and reporting

Day 2

ALEXYS system

  • Principles and optimization of request application

ALEXYS system

  • Running test chromatograms and preparing a sample queue

Flow cells

  • Assembling and installation
  • Maintenance of electrodes

Day 2 - continued

AS 110 autosampler

  • Injection principles
  • Removing air from syringe
  • Replacement of needles
  • Check/adjustment of needle depth

Optional topics on request, e.g.

  • Optimizing working potential by making a hydrodynamic voltammogram
  • Optimizing injection procedure (e.g. for minimal sample loss)
  •  ...

Day 3

ALEXYS system

  • Data processing of chromatograms obtained during the training
  • Maintenance procedures

Troubleshooting tips

  • Stop flow test
  • Dummy cell test

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