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SenCell instructions


Flow cell maintenance has been described in the user manuals. In addition, this tutorial contains movies that show the procedure in more detail. Before using this material read the instructions and warnings in the user manual.

The new SenCell is easy to handle, new generation flow cell. It does not have a polymer spacer but uses Adjustable Spacer Technology (AST). Opening the cell, closing it and setting the spacing is shown in the YouTube movies below.

A few reminders:

Tutorial videos:

  1. Open the SenCell
  2. Close the SenCell
  3. Adjust the SenCell spacing
  4. Install the SenCell
  5. Remove frit from salt bridge SenCell
  6. New frit in salt bridge SenCell
  7. Fill salt bridge SenCell

Polishing procedure

  1. Polishing of SenCell