Qualification procedures


PQ PM kitPQ tubing kit pn 250.1052 (left) and Calibration (CAL) kit pn 250.3050 (right).

Antec developed procedures and kits for Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Performance Qualification (PQ) and Preventive Maintenance Calibration (PM-Cal) for Antec detectors, ALEXYS and ROXY systems. Each procedure is described in a document that includes a sign-off section for the engineer and customer.


Our Dialogue software (professional version) uses a convenient and user-friendly test script that generates a standardized Excel file as output for the OQ and PM-Cal procedures.


Licenses for Dialogue Elite

Part no Description
171.9012 Dialogue Elite professional (for engineers incl. calibration scripts)
171.9015 Dialogue Elite standard
171.9017 Dialogue Elite free

A full trial version is available for download. The trial version is activated by a license dongle to unlock full functionality.

Parts for OQ

A dummy cell is part of the accessory kit of a device, it is most likely already available.

Part no Description
171.9015 Dialogue Elite standard
250.0040 External dummy flow cell
  DECADE Elite:
250.0128B DECADE Elite output cable D9 banana (is part of calibration kit!)
250.0152 Output cable BNC to banana (is part of calibration kit!)

Parts for PQ

The PQ kit contains re-usable retention tubing, concentrated buffer and standards. Glassy carbon cells are tested in DC mode with MOPEG. Gold flow cells are tested in pulse mode with glucose.

Part no Description
250.3040A PQ for HPLC/ECD kit (with MOPEG standard)
250.3042A PQ for HPLC/ECD kit, DCC (same, with additional retention tubing)
250.3044 PQ for HPLC/ECD kit, gold cell (with glucose standard)

The items below are already in the above mentioned PQ kit, and are re-order items.

Part no Description
250.1052 PQ FIA tubing set
250.3048 PQ consumables, ECD in DC mode
250.3046 PQ consumables, ECD on Au at pH 13

Parts for PM Calibration

The calibration kit is a set of connectors and a few cables. The IO and Output cable of the DECADE Elite is different from the ROXY/DECADE II cables. In addition to the items below, also a calibrated voltmeter is needed.

Part no Description
Dialogue Elite professional (for engineers incl calibration scripts)
DECADE II calibration kit
250.3052 DII DCC and ROXY calibration kit (with additional connectors)
DECADE Elite calibration kit
250.3056 Thermometer for calibration


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