About Antec

For more than 25 years Antec Scientific has been the world’s leading supplier of analyzers using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Electrochemical Detection (EC). Validated applications for environmental, food, clinical and pharmaceutical analysis have been successfully developed using the ALEXYS LC-EC systems. With its ultra-sensitive Electrochemical Detectors Antec has become the key supplier for neurotransmitter analysis. With the introduction of the ROXY™ EC/LC System, Antec brings Electrochemistry (EC) to the fingertips of every mass spectrometrist. The on-line coupling of Electrochemistry (EC) with LC/MS has shown great potential for the investigation of drug metabolism.

Antec’s headquarters are located close to Amsterdam, in Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands. Antec’s products and services are supplied through a worldwide distributor network. The United States and Canada are supported through Antec’s subsidiary in Boston, USA.


Antec Scientific (USA) is a privately held company specialized in supplying system solutions using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with electrochemical detection (ECD) and electrochemical reactors for MS. Antec USA is a North American subsidiary, Antec’s research and production facility is located in The Netherlands. For almost 25 years Antec has been the world’s leading supplier of ultra-sensitive electrochemical detectors, and reactors for electrosynthesis.

Flow cells

The first electrochemical detectors for HPLC appeared in the seventies, the new detection technique showed a great potential but the technology needed improvement to get better and more reproducible results. In the 80’s two scientists at the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) developed a new flow cell using a wall-jet concept. The new cell was robust, reproducible and had much more sensitivity. The Wall-Jet flow cells of Antec are showing superior behavior, and cover the range of nano- to standard bore LC applications. After publishing the first results, these scientists were contacted by researchers from all over the world asking for this flow cell. In 1990, the two scientists and the company Spark Holland founded Antec.

Workstation concept

To obtain the best detection sensitivity Antec developed electrochemical (EC) detectors with a so called “workstation” concept. This is a temperature-controlled compartment to accommodate the column as well as the flow cell. One other unique features a of the DECADE Elite, is the Advanced Digital Filter (ADF). This is an advanced filter algorithm specially developed for EC detection, which cuts out high frequencies (noise) and while low frequencies pass (peaks). The S/N ratio can be improved with a factor of 5-100! With the introduction of a full HPLC product line in 2005 Antec became a provider of guaranteed and dedicated LC/EC applications. With the ALEXYS system Antec has optimized the HPLC to get the best possible performance. The smallest details with respect to injection, separation, detection and data handling can be a bottleneck in trace analysis.

Reactors for MS

With the introduction of the ROXY Antec added EC reactors for MS to the product line. Using EC/ MS allows the analyst to mimic natures’ redox reactions. A number of biochemical or enzymatic reactions in life can be mimicked in a controlled manner in the electrochemical cell simply by applying a voltage. This offers a huge advantage for research as the reaction takes place without biological interferences (no biological cell matrix, plasma, urine, soil, etc.) and the generated redox products can be easily detected by MS. This makes EC/MS a real biomimetic tool with substantial cost and time savings compared to in-vivo or in–vitro techniques.


Antec’s support system is designed for the benefit of customers and dedicated to customer service. Antec has a website with a 24/7 available support section where registered users can download applications, and use the Knowledge Base with answers to most commonly asked questions. Antec organizes in house trainings and employs a team of service engineers for onsite service.