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Neuroscience 2019 Downloads

Reprints and downloads

For visitors to our booth and posters we have the following information ready to be downloaded.

Posters at Neuroscience 2019

  1. Poster High Time resolution analyses in online microdialysis experiments for dopamine and serotonin
  2. Poster Sensitive UHPLC analysis of GABA, glutamate, histamine and other amino acids for in-vivo microdialysis studies


Application notes:

  1. Neurotransmitter Application Note book (ALEXYS)
  2. Acetylcholine
  3. Monoamines & Metabolites
  4. GABA & Glutamate



  1. Electrochemical Detector:  DECADE Elite
  2. Flowcell: SenCell
  3. UHPLC: ALEXYS Neurotransmitter Analyzer