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HPLC 2019

If you are attending HPLC 2019, held in Milan, Italy, please make sure to visit Antec Scientific at booth #36 of AlfaTech to get an update on Electrochemical Detection in HPLC and Electrochemistry - Mass Spectrometry (EC-MS).

Hope to see you in Milan.
Best regards,
Jean-Pierre Chervet, Antec Scientific
Danilo Friscione, AlfaTech S.P.A.


New Products

µ-PrepCell-SS  for efficient and reliable disulfide bond reduction in top-down, and bottom-up proteomics as well as for HDXMS


DECADE Elite drivers for the software of your choice:
Clarity (Data Apex)
OpenLab (Agilent)
Chromeleon (Thermo-Scientific)




Oral: Electrochemistry - MS

Wednesday, June 19, 10:05 - 10:20, Hall U6-07

Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceuticals -2
OC 175 Superior Characterization of Protein Therapeutics by Electrochemical Reduction of Disulfide Bonds
Jean-Pierre Chervet et al., Antec Scientific, The Netherlands


Posters: Electrochemical Detection in HPLC

Monday, June 17, 11:55 - 14:00

Applications - Biomedical and clinical separations/Pharmaceutical analysis
P 47 Azithromycin Analysis According Latest US Pharmacopoeia Monographs Using HPLC-ECD
D. Friscione [1], J-P. Chervet [2], L. van Heerwaarden [2], M. Eysberg [2] [1] Alfatech SpA, Genova, Italy; [2] Antec Scientific, Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands

Monday, June 17, 15:35 - 17:00

Applications - Food analysis
132 Lactose Content in ‘Lactose-Free’ Labelled Dairy Products (Lactose Intolerance)
J-P. Chervet [1], H-J. Brouwer [1], N. Reinhoud [1], D. Friscione [2]
[1] Antec Scientific, Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands; [2] Alfatech SpA, Genova, Italy