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Antec at ASMS 2016

Oral Presentations

Tuesday, June 7

Environmental: New Instrumentation and Approaches
TOA 04:10 pm; Hall 1, level 1
On the Application of Electrochemistry-Mass Spectrometry to Study the Biotransformation of UV Blockers in the Environment
Pedro A. Segura et al., University de Sherbrook, Sherbrook, QC, Canada 


Thursday, June 9

New Developments in Ionization and Sampling for DMPK
ThOC 09:10 am; Stars Ballroom 1, level 3
Microfluidic Electrochemical Cell for Studying the Adduct Formation of Reactive Metabolites by ESI-MS
Tina Wigger et al., University of Münster, Institute of Iorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Münster, Germany

Ambient Ionization: Instrumentation & Application
ThOD 02:30 pm; Stars Ballroom 2-3, level 3
Coupling Electrochemistry with Probe Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry (PESI-MS)
Yi Cai, Hao Chen, Ohio University, Athens, OH, USA


Wednesday, June 8

Protein Therapeutics: Characterization using MS (Biotherapeutics Interest Group)
Room 302BC, level 3, 5:45—7:00 pm
Use of Electrochemical Reduction in HDX/MS
Martin Eysberg, Antec LLC, Boston, MA, USA
Damian Houde and Ashley Ruth presiding


Monday – Thursday, June 6-9, daily

Apps & Technology Spotlight Poster
Location: Exhibit Hall, between entrance and exit, alphabetical order A -> Antec
Electrochemistry-MS @ ASMS
Antec (USA), Boston, MA, USA
To download the poster, click here

Monday, June 6
Instrumentation: New Concepts
MP 284; 12:00-2:30 pm
Facilitating Disulfide Bond Assignments in a Bottom-up Proteomics Procedure Combined with Online LC–Electrochemistry–MS
Linda Switzar et al., Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Leiden, The Netherlands

LC-MS: Chromatography and Software (Part 1)
MP 428; 12:00-2:30 pm
LC/MS as a Monitoring Technique for (semi)Preparative Electrochemical Metabolite Synthesis
Lisa Frensemeier et al., University of Münster, Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Münster, Germany

Proteins: General and Membrane
MP 566; 12:00-2:30 pm
Disulfide Bond Reduction on TiBlue™ Electrodes – a Breakthrough in Protein Analysis
Jean-Pierre Chervet et al., Antec, Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands
To download the poster, click here

Small Molecules: Qualitative Analysis
MP 672; 12:00-2:30 pm
The Application of Electrochemistry/MS to Pharmaceutical Stability Testing and Degradant Synthesis
Martin Eysberg1, Mark Taylor2, 1Antec LLC, Boston, MA, USA, 2Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development, Kent, United Kingdom
To download the poster, click here

Wednesday, June 8

 Antibodies & Antibody Drug Conjugates (Sequencing, Modifications & Hi Res)
WP 045, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
A Novel Approach to Disulfide Bond Reduction in Antibodies using Electrochemistry with Online Mass Spectrometry
Arielle Verdi et al., Morphotek Inc., Exton, PA, USA

Thursday, June 9

Protein Therapeutics: Structural Characterization
ThP 541, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Mapping of Disulfide Bonds by Reducing Electrochemistry and Mass Spectrometry
Christian Cramer et al., Novo Nordisk A/S, Måløv, Denmark 



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